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Lydia Tomaszewski as Marianne (left) and Rebekah Fodrey as Elinor (right)

We are pleased to have a mix of afO regulars and fantastic new talent in our upcoming production. These twelve hard-working actors, all volunteers who come together three nights a week from other jobs or schooling, are having a wonderful time creating a play which will delight and uplift our audiences next month.


Here is the cast in alphabetical order:

ERIN BEAN as Gossip/Lucy Steele/Lady Middleton

NATE CHEN as Gossip/John Dashwood/servants

*NAOMI EDDY as Gossip/Fanny Dashwood

REBEKAH FODREY as Elinor Dashwood

LORRAINE KNOX as Mrs. Dashwood/Mrs. Ferrars

*JENNIFER NETTING as Mrs. Jennings

DENNIS NICHOLS as Sir John Middleton/Doctor

*COLBY GLEN PROUGH as Gossip/Colonel Brandon

*BRYANT RUE as Edward Ferrars

*MEGAN SPEITH as Margaret Dashwood/Anne Steele

*LYDIA TOMASZEWSKI as Marianne Dashwod

JONATHAN YOUNG as Gossip/Willoughby/Robert Ferrars

*denotes first appearance with afO’s Home Stage




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I'm a Christ-follower, a writer, a voracious reader, and a piano teacher. I'm married to my best friend and we have two grown sons and a gorgeous granddaughter. I am the Artistic Director of a theatre ministry. And in my "spare" time, I blog.

2 thoughts on “The cast of SENSE & SENSIBILITY

  1. kayreusser says:

    What are dates for performances?

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