Presenting: The Cast and Crew of “The Princess and the Goblin”

We have a first in this all for One production:  there are more non-speaking than speaking roles in the show! Although this adaptation by Sandra Fenichel Asher was written with the intention of being simple enough to tour, with actors doubling roles, and puppets portraying the goblins, we are having tremendous fun creating a fully-staged production.

While still somewhat stylized and presentational, there is no doubling of parts, and we have added knights for the battle scene, goblins who dance, as well as actors who become part of the set! Here is the full cast of The Princess and the Goblin–speaking roles are listed first.

PRINCESS IRENE: Annika Kroeker
LADY (the Great-Great Grandmother): Lorraine Knox
CURDIE: Jeremiah Paden*
LOOTIE: Erin Bean*
SIR WALTER: Dennis Nichols
GOBLIN KING: J. Scott Kump
GOBLIN QUEEN: Laura Fischer

Nate Chen
Terry Ellis

Esther Mussmann*
Lydia Powers*
Karli Wilson*

Jadon Moore*
Esther Powers*

Kael Bronson*
Jenna Cummins*
Brianna White*
Joelle White*

* Denotes this actor’s first appearance in an afO Home Stage Production.


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