Cast List for “The Family Nobody Wanted”

We have a large and wonderful group of actors–at least one is making his stage debut, and several are new to afO. Here they are, grouped by character relationship. Those with an asterisk appear on the afO Home Stage for the first time.  (A few have appeared with our Young Playwrights Festival.)

The Doss Family:

Rev. Carl Doss–Eric Black

Mrs. Helen Doss–Lisa Ellis

Donny Doss–Evan Fritz

Diane Doss–Shannon Livengood*

Laura Doss–Krysta Young*

Rita Doss–Katty Ellis*

Alex Doss–Jonas Anderson*

Timmy Doss–Eli Ramsour*

Ted Doss–Micah Gilliom*

The Johnson Family:

Mr.  Johnson–Andy Canaveral

Mrs.  Johnson–Bridget Bogdon

Nan–Elizabeth Powers*

The Church Ladies:

Mrs. Parkinson–Christine Newman-Aumiller*

Mrs. Allen–Barbara Powers*

Mrs. Hardy–Robyn Nicholls

The Media:

Miss Reilly–Ruth Mussmann*

Bill Thomas–Nate Chen

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I'm a Christ-follower, a writer, a voracious reader, and a piano teacher. I'm married to my best friend and we have two grown sons and a gorgeous granddaughter. I am the Artistic Director of a theatre ministry. And in my "spare" time, I blog.

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